Allowing Peace



Allowing Peace
Encaustic, (NZ Beeswax) 🐝French oil stick, pure pigment on board
620 mm x 455 x 50 mm
Original and distinctive in design. High quality. Showcase your true individualism with a decorative flourish.
This new work is created with NZ beeswax, Pure Pigment, oil crayon, and infused with my passion for peace. Beneath all the serene blues and the peaceful whites, are the colours of the Ukrainian flag …yellow (hope) and blue (freedom).
As I created this picture I wanted it just to flow where it wanted to go. I wanted it to have dynamic energy and to be infused with hope, strength, courage and above all our prayers that peace will prevail (not just in Ukraine but around the world—especially in New Zealand where tyranny is striving to overpower democracy through vaccine mandates, division and fear energy).
This painting helps me feel calmer, more settled and empowered. I hope it does you, too.
The title was inspired by Lee Harris’ March Energy Update when he discussed the energetic storm we are all in right now. “Moment, to moment, allow peace. This is where the power is. Create space where peace can occur.”

Created during a time I was feeling overwhelmed by the ongoing feardemic. That’s the power of art—to create a new reality and take us to places we’ve never been. Away with the bees, I guess you could say!

I love my beeswax painting as much as my new collectors love them. Like bees to honey, people have been loving these sensuous artworks. They smell great, look great and are infused with so much love. While I paint the bees fly through the studio. My dad was a beekeeper, so it’s like he’s there too. He used bees to help heal people, treat burns and relieve the pain of arthritis. I’m not saying that my beeswax paintings work on joint pain, but I do feel they relieve the pain of life. And aren’t we all feeling the pain of this ongoing feardemic!

I’m so over it! So it’s lovely when I can go to the studio and fly away from the fear and create something beautiful that makes me happy and brings joy to others.

Watch this video where I share the process of a similar piece, called Wasabi:



The encaustic painting has been created on a durable board with a final glaze of clear beeswax protecting the longevity and enhancing the vibrancy of the colours.

It comes ready to hang.


Your painting will be hand signed on the back, with its title written on the rear. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

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