Acrylic on canvas, brush and palette knife.

15.5 cm w x 20.5 h 


The inspiration for the painting came from reading a magazine article about the supermodel Helena Christiansen where she shared her experience of being teased and commented “Anything you are teased about or even bullied about in your teens puts such an imprint on you.”
I was reminded how I and also New Zealand broadcaster Wendy Petrie, used to go bright, bright, red and be so self-conscious and were called ‘beetroot’. The teasing only made my face go redder and I developed social anxiety and vowed to never stand out. Even to the point of planning my wedding and wanting a table down the back so no one could see me. I soon discovered that was no way to live.
I would put green makeup on to cover my red face which would also turn red if I drank alcohol so my teenage years were really tough but I learned to transform that and found comfort in my art. Hence the green in this painting. I added pops of pink because I realize that all my experiences help give me tremendous strength and compassion for others.
During one of my recent in-person art workshops, a participant pointed out the red heart at the right bottom of the painting. I hadn’t seen that!
Love and creativity is the vibration that brings joy to our lives.
After sacrificing art as a hobby, I began growing less and less satisfied with the toxicity of the business world. I fell back in love with my art and found tremendous healing and purpose in painting.
Retraining as an art therapist filled me with purpose. I wanted others to feel what I found art gave to me—renewed spirit, optimism, hope and healing. Helping men, women and children move beyond their trauma and into their essence and feel energised, excited, and purposeful.
Buy now if this painting speaks to your heart—for yourself or for someone else you would like to boost with courage, self-love and resilience.

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Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas.

The painting has been created on artist quality 100% cotton canvas and finished with a double coat of UV resistant flat varnish, protecting the longevity and enhancing the vibrancy of the colours.

The sides of the canvas have been painted white

Comes stretched, in a pine frame and ready to hang.


Your painting will be hand signed on the front and back, with its title written on the rear of the canvas. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

Worldwide shipping. Please enquire or see FAQ for the terms and conditions on international shipping and shipping times.

* Mockups for illustration only. May not be to scale or illustrate framing.

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