Let The Light In


What joy it is when an artwork you have created sparks joy and delight in another person. This special truly original piece is beautifully layered with sensuously sultry glazes of textured New Zealand beeswax, French oil stick, pure pigment and gilded in gold.
The original artwork, created in beeswax was inspired by the misty mornings overlooking Aroha Island, along the Rangitane coastline, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Later a layer of beautiful shimmering gold leaf was added, reflective of the moon and sun shimmering across the sea.
As I shared before this piece was sold “You will love the light-hearted spirit of peace and joy I have infused into this piece… especially in the times we are living in now, it’s very important to be surrounded by objects that make us feel serene and smile. I love the peaceful brilliance of this piece.
The focus of this and other paintings in my minimalist collection of artworks are reduced paintings in colour and texture. The works reflect my attitude of life and of painting ‘less and better’. In times of global overwhelm to minimise the overloading of an image with bold bright colours and put the focus on few colours and interesting surface structures.
“I love it. I love the shimmer. I love the shine. I love everything about it,” my new collector Lisa shared when she called into my gallery a few days prior to her cancer treatment surgery.
The original painting was called “Follow The Light” but Lisa has intuitively embraced the call to Let The Light In.
Looking for a larger piece? Commissions Welcome.


The encaustic painting has been created on a durable board and comes ready to hang.

Your painting will be hand signed on the back, with its title written on the rear. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

Worldwide shipping. Please enquire or see FAQ for the terms and conditions on international shipping and shipping times.


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