Love Story


This painting was inspired by a previous commission. The short brief was compelling…”I would love to commission you to conjure up an exquisite piece of art…Love all the vibrant memories my special lady brings. Love, sea, sand, salt and pohutukawas.”

People often ask where do I grab my inspiration from. In this case, it was the beautiful image of the abstract pattern on the dress of the gentleman’s beloved wife. She passed several years ago from cancer. This painting was such a joy to paint as I know the healing power art can bring, a loving hug during times of sadness and a big vibrant reminder of love which endures.

I was super excited when celebrity chef Jo Seagar visited my gallery in the Bay of Islands and became the new owner of this love-inspired work. The constant love story in Jo’s life has been her work for Hospice New Zealand. For over  25 years, as their ambassador and Patron, she has been raising funds and public awareness of their very important work.


A perfect gift for a lovely, lovely, lovely lady. A woman who dances through life sending love letters to the world. Her gorgeous friend purchased it for her birthday. Love Story was perfect in every way, and given on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Where ever you are in the world, whoever you are with I hope you are cuddled up with love.


“I love, love, love my new painting.” ~ Jo Seagar


901mm x 901 mm

35.5118 inch x 35.5118 inch

Acrylic on Canvas

This painting is sold but commissions are welcome. I love painting BIG!

The Joyful Artist