Orange Bird 11


“The painting can take over. Marvellous accidents can happen.” | Piera McArthur |

Orange Bird 11

Watercolour, now available. 🔥

The painting is Orange Bird 11, a watercolour created during a magical pre-Covid holiday in Tonga and inspired by the native birds. I love the spirit and energy of this piece. The art of watercolour is definitely about going with the flow and allowing magic to happen. Orange Bird 11 is infused with many happy memories of a wonderful trip to Fafa Island Resort, an island within the island kingdom of Tonga. The trip was the last made prior to the onslaught of the Covid Pandemic.🔥

When I created Orange Bird 11, I bathed my watercolour paper in the pristine waters of the sea surrounding Fafa island, which is also a protected marine sanctuary. It’s a special, magical painting.

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