Play Dates


“The painting can take over. Marvellous accidents can happen.” | Piera McArthur |

Play Dates

Watercolour, now available. 🔥

The painting is also the cover of my book Play Dates: Insights and Inspiration to Spark and Sustain Your Creativity


I love the spirit and energy of this piece. Infused with many happy memories of a wonderful trip to Fafa Island Resort, an island with the island kingdom of Tonga. The trip was the last made in March 2020 prior to the onslaught of the Covid Pandemic.🔥

I share more about this experience on my blog:


This painting also appears in the Art of Life Inspiration Deck. The Art of Life Inspiration Deck contains 52 cards in full colour (plus 2 card instructions). Each card features a work of art created by me (Cassandra Gaisford) and paired with an insightful quotation. The cards in this unique deck may be used individually for daily inspiration. Select a card, then let the images and words work together to encourage uplifting contemplation>>

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