Water Flowers


One of the artworks I created with the help of resort staff on the Tonga Island, Fafa, after searching and securing  ‘watercolour’ paper for me.

I named it Waterflowers because I soaked the paper in the sea outside our beautiful Fafa Island bure and drew inspiration from the abundance of tropical flowers on the island.


I couldn’t have created it without the staff and my Fafa family. Interestingly the envelope with the words ” The Kingdom of Tonga be” fell out of a magazine I borrowed from the library.


And certainly just ‘being’ was one of the unexpected joys of our time there. It was the first time in over 10 years that my partner Laurie has totally disconnected from the internet, his clients, and barrage and emails. He did not turn his phone on ONCE during his entire stay. This is a feat only Fafa could achieve, And for that, and their help ensuing tranquillity, we are so thankful. Also the fale they assigned us gifted us was incredible. We were so happy there…and this energy is reflected in the paintings I created which I shall share with the world:)

Two weeks after returning to New Zealand, we were plunged into our first Covid-response lockdown.

I look forward to staying in touch with Fafa and I hope to return and bring several ladies on a wellness and creativity retreat there when the world opens up again.


“Wow we are thrilled to see what our lovely and peaceful Fafa atmosphere made you draw 😊 I looks amazing!! Thanks for sending that through – you are very talented.”

_ Julia, Resort Manager, Fafa Island, Tonga



another flow painting inspired by those cheeky swamp hens on Fafa Island, Tonga



The Joyful Artist