You Are The Reason


“You Are The Reason.”

600mm x 900mm

Acrylic on canvas

“I absolutely and emphatically believe that a life without flowers is a life not worth living.”

~ Carlos Mota, interior designer

So pretty and dreamy… romance blooms … my favourite floral-inspired commission piece… I loved co-creating with my fab new collector who commissioned this truly original artwork for her bedroom. We co-created with joy via WhatsApp as I made subtle adjustments…painting live as she watched from a distance.

I love it when a painting comes together co-created with joy and then the name appears. My collector named this new beautiful commission piece, “You Are The Reason.”

So magical. Sends butterflies 🦋 to my heart.

“The painting symbolises to me the wonderful things happening in my life …everything happening for a reason …my thinking creates my future…🥰🦋💙” my new collector wrote to me.

She had heard a song by Calum Scott ‘You Are The Reason’ during a previous Instagram reel of the work in progress…

“The other day u played ‘you are the reason,’ she wrote to me. “The more I’ve thrown the words & meanings around the more its stuck.To you, does YOU are the reason also mean I am the reason ?? Xx”

“Yes!” I wrote to her. “You are the reason this painting was birthed.”

My partner encouraged my art and encouraged me to convert my farm shed into a studio and art gallery. He is the reason I regained my independence and found my joy.

Covid is the reason I started painting again. My mission was to create more love in a world being marinated in fear.

My grandmother is the reason I first learned to paint.

Judy and Chris, owners of Ake Ake restaurant are the reason my paintings hanging on their wall caught the eye of new collectors and the waitress there is the reason why my new commissioning client came to visit my gallery…

I AM the reason I create.

My collectors are the reason I paint

You are the reason I share my joyful journey

Thank you 🙏🦋🌸❤️💕

Such a beautiful name for this gorgeous piece, imbued with so many soul-enriching reasons.


Tranquil blues and beautiful blooms always make me feel at happy and peaceful. How about you?

This painting is sold. Commissions are welcome


Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas.

The painting has been created on artist quality 100% cotton canvas and finished with a tripe coat of UV resistant gloss varnish, protecting the longevity and enhancing the vibrancy of the colours.

The sides of the canvas have been painted white

Comes stretched and ready to hang.


Your painting will be hand signed on the front and back, with its title written on the rear of the canvas. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.


Worldwide shipping. Please enquire or see FAQ for the terms and conditions on international shipping and shipping times.

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