A Crazy Little Thing Called Love


“a new rose blooms on the bush” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

People often ask me, “What are some of the tools you use to create your distinct style of artwork?”

I draw inspiration from my muses…Helen Frankenthaler, Leonardo da Vinci, and other artists. For example, I carry over the delicacy of Leonardo’s wet-in-wet technique to build the image in fine layers of transparent glazes of paint so that the edges merge like smoke. I use my fingertips as one of the blending tools, pressing my finger or palm to the canvas. With delicate circular movements, I smudge the paint until it blends. Liquid washes and blurring remove signs of brush marks. Lastly more soft semi-transparent washes and defining my shadows with darker strokes of pigment.

Do you have a boring blank wall you’d love to fill with joyous colour? Blue is the colour of summer skies and infinite dreams…. This painting was inspired by the beauty of blooms, real and imagined. This beauty glows. Big is my jam. I never want to play small again. An audience of one? I painted this piece just for me. Why? Because it made me happy. And guess what? It made others happy, too. Would she look great in your home?


Acrylic on Canvas

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