1190mm x 1800mm

Acrylic on canvas

I am delighted that people tell me that my paintings elicit joy and a remarkable sense of hope-inspired optimism. To create and capture vibrant memories, past, and future, and transform sadness into love-infused beauty, is my grand passion.

Flow, is one of my most joyous creations and, at the time, one of the first large colour field paintings I ever created. It was some, 20 years ago now. I still remember painting this outside on the grass at the farm, en plein air. My grandmother and later my father lived on the property before he passed. My grandmother bred horses for a living, and I recall around six of them standing around the painting as I washed fields of colour. It was a magical time, a memory I still hold in my heart. I reached out to my friend and muse, Max Gimblett, for some wisdom when embarking on this new fluid style. Max is a Zen Buddhist Monk and fellow artist and one of the only New Zealander artists to have exhibited at the Guggenheim in New York. I asked him, “How do you know when you’re finished?”

“Don’t overwork it,” he said, “The painting will tell you. You’ll feel it in your heart.”

The Joyful Artist