Free to Be You 1-1 Life Coachinng Programme


Imagine finally shedding the old skins of duty, obligation, unfulfillment and being handed the keys to joy and a road map how to live your life authentically for you?

If you could free yourself from everything holding you back from living an incredible life —all of your fears, stinkin’ thinking, limiting beliefs, negative emotions —you know you’d instantly feel happier, healthier and freer, right? But how? How can you liberate yourself from all those obstacles and blocks preventing you from living your best life?

The solution is so simple. Whether you have lost your job or hate the one you have, your relationship has hit a rough patch, or you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other issues are impacting your life, it’s time to take a sky rocket to freedom.

Would you like to discover a brand new kind of you?

Imagine feeling happy with yourself
•Feeling guided, safe and confident that you are on the right life path
•Where you feel connected to yourself, your passion, purpose and your true desires
•Where you feel free to live life your way, love wholeheartedly
•Where you slowly shake off the feelings of malcontent in all areas of your life
•Where you feel good in your bones, solid like you got to be the ‘real you’

Wherever you are right now on your life’s journey, chances are I’ve been there too. It took me over forty years to finally discover my truth.

You see I was the girl that listened to others telling me that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, talented enough. I let others define my desires for the most of my life until one fateful day the universe sent me a gift, a final message to go find the right life for me.

For years I suppressed my intuition, ignored it, numbed it until it fester in my body as pain.

This time I was sent a message I couldn’t ignore. If I didn’t make a change I was going to die. Within hours I was on the way to a new life.

It was the first step to understanding there is a GREATER KNOWLEDGE than logical and intellectual information if we allow ourselves to access it but most of us are so committed to control and logic (ahh guilty) that we miss the messages our body and heart are trying to send us. So we go on living our lives for someone else or how we think we SHOULD do.

That was 20 years ago. I was a single mother, with a mortgage, and no one to support me, I left the safety of a salaried job and became self-employed. I created a lifestyle career that expressed who I truly was and what was most important to me. I met and worked with some of the most wonderful people around the world, created my tribe, my man and filled my life with personal rewards from photography, creativity, painting, coaching and the joy it brings to our life.

Here’s the truth, from the day I started to listen to my heart and heeded my body barometer I have been guided.
It has helped me to believe in my creativity, say no to the wrong jobs, my life decisions, continue to have confidence and faith in what I am doing knowing there is a bigger reason for all of this.

When I ‘found’ my way back to my creativity at 45, journalists told my self-made story was an inspiration to others. (you can read the article here>>

It wasn’t easy. But I did it. And I have my career coach to thank for setting me on the journey to freedom. Something I shared in my book, Midlife Career Rescue.

Ten years on, I’m still recreating my life. We never stop growing, reaching, loving the light. I realise the power of being free to be you is more than pursuing one thing. It was more than a job. Taking pictures, painting, coaching, writing—and more—was my calling. . .to bring more beauty into the world. When we are true to ourselves we are so beautiful. Beauty is truth and no one can take that away from you. Through my passion and purpose I have connected to people and people to me and my story. In my small island at the edge of the world I cared so much about passion, joy, and purpose I wanted to share it with others, to tell peoples stories of what I found and show men and women how beautiful they are if they could see what I see—their true light when they follow their bliss.

We all have passion and we all have purpose. We are all divinely guided and in the past 11 years I have manifested miracles—even during times of madness When you trust and believe there is a big, beautiful life for you, that is when the magic starts to happen. When you say NO to what’s not serving you anymore and walk into the light, you are on a sky rocket through life, one where you feel FULLY alive.

In Free to Be You I help you discover and embrace your passion for life. I help guide you back onto the path to the real you that no matter how far you have strayed or how many people are shouting at you to go a different way.

I teach you tools to become aware of thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you so that you can live a life with joy, passion and authenticity.

What we cover

  • Stock take of where you are right now in life
  • Define where you want to go and what you want to create
  • The power of creativity and how it can transform your life
  • Identify what’s holding you back and why
  • Awareness of patterns that are ruling your life and how to transform them
  • Tapping into your intuition and learning to trust it
  • Self-worth and trusting yourself
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energy so you can switch between living in your head and your heart
  • Delve into your money story and wealth consciousness and how it is showing up in your life
  • The art of Surrender and learning to Ask
  • Connecting to your true desires and emotions
  • The power of gratitude and forgiveness
  • The art of receiving
  • Self-Care
  • Your life frequency and how to transform it
  • Joy, beauty, and pleasure



Cassandra’s road map to Free To Be You PLUS 20 live calls consisting of:

A 2-hour intensive call at the start

And 18 weekly 1-hour calls

(And you’ll have access to the recordings of these calls)

Videos, information sheets, reading lists, activities and weekly guidance on the next step for you.

6 months program, pay in full at $6000 NZD


A Payment Plan with a deposit of $2000 NZD up front and 4 monthly instalments of $1250 USD


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