Three Hour Coaching Bundle


Gift some dedicated time for yourself or someone you love. 

If life has you by the horns and you would like to seize joyful control and create a plan for your life, career or business, that’s exactly what we do in a three hour intensive.

You’ll receive a questionnaire prior to your Zoom call to help you clarify where you are now, where you want to be—your desires, skills and dreams. This helps me to tailor a coaching programme to maximise your success during our coaching call.

The coaching call can be a one-three hour session or split into 3 one-hour calls.

You will receive a follow-up email with a dream achievement plan and a video recording of our session.

Client Success Story: From Burnout to Beautiful Bliss


Naomi’s story of midlife career change in the wake of Covid-19 is so inspiring and I know it would be a great help to many people who dream of self-employment but think it is something that only people with great wads of money, or more courage than a lion, could ever do. When she reached out to me she was a stressed out, burnt out and uninspired teacher. After only three sessions she was on her way to a rewarding new career!

I am now a Voice actor, specialising in narrating audiobooks. I am finding more opportunities with video production are coming my way also which is allowing me to write scripts and have a crack using my direction skills also. With Cassandra’s help, I have also self-published myself with writing childrens’ stories and romance novels.”


Naomi Love love love trusted passion


Once payment is received I will personally email you to set up a time for our coaching call, or to arrange the pre-purchased gift voucher for someone you love.

Any queries, please reach out:

  • please note the standard terms, payments are not refundable even if the sessions are not used. All sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

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