Resilience Rising



“Setbacks don’t have to knock you flat. Bounce back. Find another way to be and do what you love.”


Resilience Rising

Encaustic, and pure pigment on board.

Resilience Rising was inspired by a beeswax painting I created for the Beauty of Resilience Exhibition, in 2020–which was, the night before the opening unbeknown to me, put in the back storage area by the gallery owner. She told me that there wasn’t any room for it, which was a lie. I have no idea what motivated her to hide this love-inspired work away but I insisted, politely, that it be put back on display. It sold that day. The experience motivated my partner to help me set up my own gallery, Art@Rangitane. “I don’t like the way she bullies you,” he said to me.

In this video, I share how, and why, I created an art gallery from home during the lockdowns, empowered my life and created more joy for others:




This painting is sold. You may enjoy other pieces in my collection. Commissions are welcome.

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